Multiple Tax Lookup

This section describes how to perform the tax rate lookup for multiple addresses.

To know the tax rates:
  1. Select the tax rate type from the Tax Rate Type drop-down.

    Select Auto only if you need the rates for a motor vehicle sale/purchase.

  2. Upload the input file containing the addresses for which the tax rates are to be calculated via the Choose File button.

    Uploading the input file with the recommended template results in higher accuracy results. Also, refer the instructions in ReadMe file.

  3. Click the Begin button to get the applicable tax rates.
  4. In the Confirm Your Fields pop-up window, for every parameter (such as Address, City, State etc) select the corresponding values from the drop-down.

    Click Confirm to start the processing.

  5. The summary of the input batch file is displayed on the right of the screen. Also, the tax details can be viewed in the ready to download file.