Tax Search

1. Why is it recommended to enter the Dollar Purchase Amount, although the field is optional?

Ans. The Dollar Purchase Amount field is not mandatory, but by entering the amount, the system along with mentioning the tax rates, calculates the actual tax to be paid.

2. What are the available Tax Rate Types?

Ans. There are two tax rate types available: General and Auto.

Select Auto only if you need the rates for a motor vehicle sale/purchase.

3. Why am I getting the Low Confidence message?

Ans. This message is returned when the system is unable to geographically locate the input address. The rates that are returned in this instance are based on a match to the ZIP Code, this is an unreliable result and you should verify the results with the local taxing authorities. As good as our data is, we don’t have a location for 100% of the addresses in the US. We work closely with state and local authorities to maintain the most accurate address data available. Updates to our address database are made on a monthly basis in an effort to provide the best result possible.

4. What is multiple tax lookup?

Ans. Multiple tax lookup is an option provided by wherein a user can get applicable tax details for multiple addresses simultaneously. User needs to upload a file (.CSV) with the list of addresses and GeoTAX determines the applicable taxes pertaining to every address.

5. What is the maximum number of addresses that can be uploaded in the input file for multiple tax lookup?

Ans. A maximum of 1000 addresses can be uploaded in the input file.

6. What formats are supported for the multiple tax lookup upload file?

Ans. At present, the input file can be uploaded only in .CSV format.

7. Is there any template available for the multiple tax lookup input file?

Ans. Yes, there is a template available on the Tax Search page. It is recommended to use this template to create the upload file for accurate results.

8. How are the tax search results displayed for multiple tax lookup?

Ans. The tax search results are provided in a file that can be downloaded from the Tax Search page. This file is in .CSV format.